The highly specialized training-on-the-job have a problem- and practice-based approach.
Basically, the learning method is involving the trainees in the practical clinical activity.
The Trainings foresee the practical learning of the techniques, the study of the cases, the adoption of protocols, the assistance of qualified tutors and the discussion of the results.

The Trainings could combine two integrated approach:

  • Operating room attendance
    This activity involves the trainees on morning sessions in the Operating rooms of Niguarda hospital.The first or second assistant (also called first aid and second help) watch and contribute to the execution of the intervention with their teacher.
    This form of teaching is also associated with tutoring on inanimate models (plastic, sponge models, anatomical pieces) or on animal models (pigs), in compliance with all applicable laws. In these cases the trainee puts into action what he has “seen” on the classical operative field, can verify all the necessary steps and be ready for the following steps that will lead him to be a real operative “operative”.
    The trainee doctor has therefore the opportunity to check his practical learning in real time
  • Integrative teaching of the practical part
    Lessons: they include interactive sessions on the main topics concerning aspects of epidemiology, diagnostic strategies, best available practice, critical review of literature and discussion. Every Training, beides, personalizes its own specific learning method, depending on the content and objectives of learning.


Our teaching method includes a multimodal approach using advanced training tools for both the theory and practical stages of each course. NIGUARDA ACADEMY COURSES are divided into three types:

Residential training

Courses held in Niguarda Hospital facilities

Visiting doctor experience

Courses held by one or  more of our doctors in the hospital

Tailored training

Customized courses created according to a group of appliers’ request (minimum number of attendants required)