Niguarda is committed to develop and promote continuing medical education with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient care. The mission of Teaching hospital is expecially carried out by Niguarda Academy, which provides post graduate highly specialized training-on-the-job, with a problem- and practice- based approach.

Niguarda Academy is dedicated to training on the job post the university academic curriculum.
By offering ultraspecialistic training, Niguarda Academy offers an extensive program of activities for growth and professional development, through qualified programs based on a strong commitment to the practice with an open dialogue between the new information or recommendations and daily work.

The trainings are carried out in the Hospital Departments.



Milan is a big city and a European capital that offers several leisure and cultural entertainment occasions. To enjoy in the best way what the city sets aside, Statale Milan University offers to all the students the chance to attend several cultural events and to benefit discounts for movies, theaters, art exhibitions and concerts.

To be always updated about what happens you can consult the Milan Municipality’s portal, that features information updated about current and future services, happenings and events. A section of the website is dedicated to foreign students and gives a general view on the basic information to study, work and live in Milano.

To move in, visit and live in Milan also consult the Milan public transports company website.

duomo di milano