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Residential Training


What we must learn to do, we learn by doing it

Niguarda is committed to develop and promote continuing medical education with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient care. The mission of Teaching hospital is expecially carried out by Niguarda Academy, which provides post graduate highly specialized training-on-the-job, with a problem – and practice – based approach.

Course List

We have a programme of theory and practical courses that comply with the accreditation criteria of the most important surgical societies.

See our course calendar for all of the available courses and dates.

Teaching Methods

Niguarda Academy offers an extensive program of activities for growth and professional development, through qualified programs based on a strong commitment to the practice with an open dialogue between the new information or recommendations and daily work.

Active Course


17 January 2019 - 18 January 2019
Residential Training


Our teaching method includes a multimodal approach using advanced training tools for both the theory and practical stages of each course. NIGUARDA ACADEMY COURSES are divided into three types:

Residential training

Courses held in Niguarda Hospital facilities

Visiting doctor experience

Courses held by one or  more of our doctors in the hospital

Tailored training

Customized courses created according to a group of appliers’ request (minimum number of attendants required)


Niguarda is a general hospital which includes all specialties addressed to adult and child care and manages all diseases with holistic treatments shaped on a multidisciplinary approach.

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Oncologic and Mini-invasive Surgery
Endoscopic nasal and sinus Surgery


Eritrea – New Orotta Hospital, Asmara
Giordania – E-Bashir Hospital, Amman
Benin – Saint Jean de Dieu hospital, Tanguietà
Bulgaria – Second Multiprofil Hospital, Sofia e Cardiology Clinical Univeristy, Plovdiv
Brasile – FHEHIG Minas Gerais

Bulgaria – Second Multiprofil Hospital, Sofia e Cardiology Clinical Univeristy, Plovdiv
Giordania – E-Bashir Hospital, Amman
Brasile – FHEHIG Minas Gerais
Benin – Saint Jean de Dieu hospital, Tanguietà
Eritrea – New Orotta Hospital, Asmara

Francia – Lione University
Kurdistan – Dukon University College
Spagna – Hospital Nino Jesus di Madrid
Croazia – Dipartimetno Neurologia in Zagreb Croatia
Malaysia – Con Putra University, Kuala Lampur
Ghana – Centro Comboni di Sogakofe

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I had a wonderful time in Milano. Thanks a lot, I learned a lot from you and your family in Niguarda
Thanks for your efforts trying to teach us every thing.
I hope that this 2018 will bring you Health, love, peace and new inspiring ideas about epilepsy surgery.

Cesar BuitragoNeurosurgeon - Bogotà (COLOMBIA)

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